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Any installer that you consider when conducting solar company reviews should meet a few basic requirements. Discover how to choose a good solar panel installer with this simple checklist.

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Verify Business Performance

Double check previous work performance by looking at customer testimonials and perhaps even contacting previous customers.


System Cost Breakdown

When you receive your quotation for your solar system, the estimate should list the price of each component individually.


Product Quality

Ensure the solar panels you will use have a Certificate of Compliance with the IEC standard.


System Monitoring

It is vital that understand how you should monitor the system output as it can help make you more aware of your installed system’s performance.


Site Assessment & Site Plan

Before installation begins, a site assessment, which is usually free of charge, should be performed and a site plan should be provided.


Warranties and guarantees

Make sure you obtain all warrantees and guarantees on offer, both for the installation as a whole and for its components.

Choosing your Solar Installer

Deciding on a solar installer can be the most challenging part of the process. When you've decided to invest in a solar solution, you'll want to make sure you've got the best people doing the job. In this checklist we provide you with all the criteria you should keep in mind when hiring a contractor.

Solar is a long-term investment

With solar power, the goal should be to save money for the next 25 to 30 years, not a little bit on the initial installation costs. Saving money with your solar power system depends entirely on having the right system that is able to last as long as it is guaranteed to last for.


The Solec Installation team is professional and the quality of work was of a very high stndard. The Alpha ESS system works flawlessly. Thank you Rein & Andre.

Dr. Arne Verster Dentistry


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