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Take a step towards your

energy independence


One of our Solar Experts would like to discuss your energy needs so we can be sure that we recommend a system that suits your electricity usage patterns at your home.

A site assessment report will help you bring your goals, budget and energy needs together with the ideal solar solutions at your location. Take a step towards your energy independence with us.

Key factors to consider when installing a solar system:

  • A basic analysis of your energy needs
  • Recommendations for system size and siting to meet energy goals
  • Shade needs assessing
  • Cables need routing
  • Switchboard may need upgrading
  • Inverter location need deciding
  • Panel Locations need reviewing
  • Battery location needs considering
  • An initial cost estimate for the system


The Hybrid Solution (Solar & Battery Back-up) is your premium option to:

  • Save on your electricity bill
  • Avoid the inconvenience of load shedding
  • Become completely energy independent and energy efficient
  • Invest in your future and that of the next generation by going green
  • Protect your appliances and electronics against damage due to prolonged spikes in electricity